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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Introduction to the ITIL® Service Lifecycle PDF

Cabinet Office
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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'Introduction to the ITIL® Service Lifecycle' introduces IT service management and ITIL. It summarises the best practices described in the 2011 editions' core guidance, explaining the basic concepts of ITIL and providing information on each stage of the service lifecycle.

Key features:

  • Introduces the basic concepts of the ITIL service lifecycle, and its benefits

  • Provides a summary of each of the five stages of the lifecycle

  • Includes references to the five core publications, providing an essential companion to them

A PDF allows for easy access while you're on the move:

  • Single user

  • Non-networkable

  • Downloadable PDF: searchable with a bookmarking function.

Also available in ePub eBook format from all major eSellers. A full list of Best Management Practice eSellers is available on our help pages.

Related resources:

> ITIL 2011 Edition Publication Reviews (opens in new window)

> ITIL Update FAQs - October 2011 (PDF - 677Kb)

> ITIL Recommended Reading Diagram (PDF - 66.5Kb)

Extent 262 pages ISBN 9780113313150
Size 10.2Mb Price £30.00 (£36.00 inc. VAT)
Format Downloadable PDF Format help (opens in new window) Published 07 Feb 2012
Availability Available Immediately Availability help (opens in new window)
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