Mercantil Bank: Adopting and Adapting ITIL Case Study Industry
Mercantil Bank, a commercial bank headquartered in Florida, shares their experience of adopting ITIL and ITIL processes to help improve their ITSM and delivery of services. Read
RESILIA® Frontline Case Study: A Financial Services Perspective Industry
This case study explores how adding RESILIA Frontline staff awareness learning to raise awareness of cyber security internally was an important move for a leading UK financial organization. Read
Sutter Health Case Study Industry
This Case Study details how Sutter Health implemented ITIL in their organization and what they discovered along their ITIL journey. Read
Sony and PRINCE2 Agile® Case Study Industry
This Case Study shows how Sony used PRINCE2 Agile to manage the development and delivery of enhanced functionality for their file-based workflow programme. Read
BIM for the subsurface Case Study Industry
The project used PRINCE2 Agile to develop a cloud and desktop-based building information modelling (BIM) solution for subsurface investigation. Read
Eurofins’ adoption of PRINCE2® Case Study Industry
Eurofins use of PRINCE2 on a project to test the feasibility of archiving paper documents enabled them to achieve cost saving targets and improve their project delivery. Read
Design for experience: an ITIL® Guiding Principle Case Study Industry
This case study describes how applying the ITIL Guiding Principle Design for experience enabled an organization to develop their Service Delivery Model. Read
Building a service portfolio Industry
This case study summarizes how NNIT implemented a service portfolio and describes some of the projects challenges and the benefits realized. Read
Start where you are: an ITIL® Guiding Principle Industry
This case study describes how the ITIL® Practitioner Guiding Principle Start where you are enabled the Walt Disney Company to begin its ITIL Journey. Read
Collaborate: an ITIL® Guiding Principle Case Study Industry
De Montfort University used the Collaborate guiding principle when adopting ITIL to manage stakeholders and agree service improvements. Read
Observe directly: an ITIL® Guiding Principle Industry
This case study describes how the ITIL Practitioner Guiding Principle Observe directly enabled Cairo University to track and measure what is really happening within its ITIL Journey. Read
Intrinsic Service Operations Centre: ITIL® Case Study Industry
In this case study, Intrinsic shows how the benefits of ITIL are self-evident, and the principles behind it support a function that operates well and adapts to the ever-changing world of business. Read
Adopting PRINCE2 Agile® to Deliver Projects: The AXELOS Professional Development Programme Industry
This video case study describes how AXELOS used PRINCE2 Agile to deliver our membership platform towards the end of 2015. Read
ProcessFlows: RESILIA Case Study Industry
In this case study ProcessFlows IT Manager John Freckelton describes how the company has adopted AXELOS RESILIA and seen improvements in communication and cyber resilience within the business. Read
FES GmbH establishes a project management office with PRINCE2® Case Study Industry
Leading waste disposal and cleaning provider FES GmbH created a project to professionalize all of its project management and project portfolio management. The project was successfully run using PRINCE2, and completed in only eight months. Read
Department for Energy and Climate Change shares its experience with P3M3® v3.0 Industry
This Case Study describes how the Department for Energy and Climate Change use P3M3. Read
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH Embedding PRINCE2® for business transformation Industry
This Case Study describes how Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH introduced and adapted PRINCE2 to improve project management capabilities. Read
Use of PRINCE2® by Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH Industry
German systems development business Scheidt and Bachmann GmbH describes how PRINCE2 helped them deliver a project to develop hardware and software for rail ticket vending machines for rail company Bayerische Oberlandbahn. Read
HBZS Mining Rescue Services ITIL® In a Small to Medium-Sized Business Case Study Industry
Adopting and adapting ITIL® enabled HBZS Mining Rescue Services to establish better communication between the IT department and the rest of the business along with making activities more consistent and thus more effective. Read
Ohio State University Service Operations Industry
Director of Service Operations, Bob Gribben, explains the benefits of adopting the ITIL framework. Read
Adopting PRINCE2 Agile® to deliver projects: The AXELOS Website Industry
This video case study covers how AXELOS adopted PRINCE2 Agile to deliver the new company website towards the end of 2014. Read
Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation Case Study Industry
This Case Study describes how Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation used ITIL to create a strong IT department. Read
LV=™ Video Case Study Industry
LV share the company's journey over the last couple of years and how they are looking to continually improve in the future. Read
Essex County Council: An ITIL® Case Study Industry
Adopting and adapting ITIL enabled Essex County Council to meet service level agreements and gain control of their service and underpinning contracts while effectively capitalizing on outsourcing opportunities. Read
Newcastle University IT Services: ITIL Case Study Industry
This case study explains how adopting and adapting ITIL enabled the University of Newcastle to address business challenges and improve incident management processes. Read
GDF SUEZ E&P UK Industry
This case study explores how the company benefited from project and programme management during a period of vast growth for the business. Read
How to implement Management of Portfolios within 100 days Case Study Industry
In 2012, ONS recognized that a portfolio management approach to business change was required, to prioritize investments which would contribute most to strategy in the face of rapidly evolving technology and an increasingly complex society. Read
Disney’s ITIL® Journey Industry
Hired by the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) to kick-start The Walt Disney Company Theme Parks and ITIL initiative, Glen Taylor has championed the adoption of ITIL since his appointment in 2008. Read
The Port of Rotterdam and Maasvlakte 2 PRINCE2 Case Study Industry
This case study provides the background to this huge 2 billion (GBP) infrastructure project, which has employed 20,000 people, is now running ahead of time and remains within scope and is on budget and how this was possible. Read
Maturity assessments at the London Underground Industry
This case study describes how P3M3® is helping London Underground to save money, provide a better service and empower its staff. Read
Building NHS Capability in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Industry
This Case Study reports on a pilot study carried out on the largest publicly funded healthcare provider, the NHS, to assess its portfolio, programme and project management at a crucial time of organizational change. Read
Organizing the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ Industry
The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games had a lot to deliver and standards were set high, this white paper explains how the methodology MSP® was used on such a large scale event. Read
Using ITIL® at the IRS: a Business Journey Industry
In its five-year strategic plan covering the period 2009 to 2013, after several months of research and analysis, ITIL was chosen as the preferred service management framework for the IRS to operate under. Read
British Council: PRINCE2® 2009 Pilot Case Study Industry
The Global Information Systems Programme Management team at the British Council has used PRINCE2 2009 to help deliver technical change in many countries around the world. Read
Skipton Building Society: P3O® Case Study Industry
A portfolio and project investment governance framework and portfolio office were implemented to enable Skipton Building Society to validate, prioritize and deliver the necessary business changes with the resources available, at an acceptable risk. Read
Use of P3M3® at Manchester City Council Capital Programme Group Industry
Manchester City Council's Strategic Planner Kevin Fletcher describes how the council's Capital Programme Group adopted P3M3 to identify and target areas for improvement and drive further enhancements and refinements to their existing strategy. Read
PRINCE2® Implementation: Achieving Excellence Through Employee Development Industry
The PRINCE2 methodology was adopted with training for personnel and development of an appropriate governance structure for implementation. Read
Management of Risk within the Criminal Records Bureau Case Study Industry
In November 2007 the executive team and management board of the Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) agreed to fully align the CRB's risk management regime with the regime used across the Home Office. Read
PRINCE2® Brings Projects Together at the DPS Industry
In 2007 the Product and Service Development Branch made the decision to implement a single project management methodology, leading to the introduction of PRINCE2®. What has followed has been a remarkable change in how projects are delivered. Read
P3O®: No skeletons in the cupboard at BT design Industry
This case study describes how P3O helped the senior management at BT Design make business-critical decisions. Programme Manager Chris Barnes discusses how BT Design used P3O to create a Centre of Excellence. Read
Manchester City Council - Transforming City Works: MSP® Case Study Industry
In 2006 MCC embarked on an ambitious programme to improve operations, meeting the Government's new social housing standard: Decent Homes 2010. The robust framework of MSP allowed MCC to manage risk while optimizing the outcome and benefits. Read
Suffolk Council PRINCE2® 2009 Pilot Case Study Industry
In 2007 Suffolk County Council started a major transformation programme called 'Securing the Future' to tackle significant budget challenges. Read
P3O® Pilot Case Study: Interview with Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council Industry
Based at Tameside Council in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, Martin McCann has spent the last few years developing and implementing a tailored project management approach. Read