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September 28, 2021

Axelos has launched a new digital version of the ITIL Maturity Model. The tool helps organizations to assess their service management capabilities, their governance maturity and their management system.

Instead of considering just processes within an organization, the maturity model analyses the interactions between processes, competencies of teams and individual involved as well as tools and management information.

There are three forms of assessments with the ITIL Maturity Model:

  • Capability assessment – this looks at how well any of the 34 ITIL-aligned management practices of the organization are meeting their purpose. It also provides a score for each assessed practice.
  • Maturity assessment – this is an in-depth study of an organization’s governance structure and management system. It highlights areas which need development and supports an organization’s improvement planning.
  • Comprehensive assessment – this takes a look at the service management capabilities and the maturity of an organization’s governance structure and management system.

All three assessment forms are available through Axelos Consulting Partners (ACPs) only.

While the model is structured around key concepts and guidance of the ITIL framework, it can also be used to assess service management practices and delivery in general.