Enabling agile culture
Driving successful transformation

Transformation is necessary. It is also hard.

AgileSHIFT is an enterprise agility solution consisting of guidance, training and certification. AgileSHIFT drives forward transformational change by creating a culture of enterprise agility.


  • Thrive in a disruptive marketplace – empower all your staff with the tools and knowledge to work in agile ways.
  • Outpace disruptors – AgileSHIFT introduces the concept of the “delta”, which is the gap between your organization’s current capabilities and where you need to be. Disruptors exploit the delta.
  • Engage with customers more effectively – accelerate delivery and build a competitor advantage by taking the known value from agile across the whole organization.
  • Build a culture of acceptance, collaboration, and innovation – by empowering every person with the AgileSHIFT mindset.


  • Distil the ethos and behaviours of agile across the entire organization – AgileSHIFT revolutionises agile working by sharing the learnings with the whole organization, not just the IT or delivery teams.
  • A simple, yet effective framework – AgileSHIFT is designed to be completely tailorable for each and every organization.

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Visit our examination provider PeopleCert's website for more information, including how to find an accredited training organization that offers the training and the exam.

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