ITIL® Research

In 2014, when ITIL® marked its 25th year, AXELOS commissioned research to provide a global and independent assessment of the current perception of ITIL. Our purpose was to establish whether ITIL was still relevant in current and potential markets across the globe.

Our study involved nearly 400 respondents from several countries and continents and who had different levels of awareness of or involvement with the ITIL framework.

We also interviewed representatives in various roles within companies of different sizes, sectors and industries to ensure our paper provided balanced view of how ITIL was used by organizations and individuals.

Some of the highlights from the research include:

  • ITIL was positively viewed as growing in importance, or at least holding its own, in the face of newer methodologies such as Cloud and Agile – 46% of those questioned viewed ITIL as growing in importance; 49% viewed ITIL as staying the same; and only 5% viewed ITIL as declining in importance.
  • 68% found ITIL ‘very valuable’ or ‘exceedingly valuable’, only 4% found ITIL ‘not at all valuable’.
  • When asked about reasons for value, ‘ITIL helps me work with others in unified processes’ came in first, followed by ‘ITIL helps me do my job with added context and insight’.
  • Latin America and APAC (Asia Pacific) showed a stronger faith in ITIL’s growing importance than EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and North America. 
  • When asked about how they would like to see ITIL evolve, 55% preferred modular changes surrounding ITIL’s core to minimize disruptions, but still bring added levels of currency – versus 45% who believed that changing ITIL’s core was preferred.