P3M3 Maturity Model

AXELOS released P3M3® v3.0 through our AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP) network.

P3M3 v3.0 includes Full assessments in addition to the existing Self-assessments.

The new model contains extended coverage with the addition of new topics, combined with improved capacity to identify root causes of problems.

There are two types of P3M3 Self-assessment, standard and enhanced and there are two levels, diagnostic and certified, for the full assessment.

These assessments are currently only available through an ACP. To find an ACP, see our list of AXELOS Consulting Partners.

P3M3® Model Terms and Conditions

AXELOS Waiver License for the P3M3 Model

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1. Definition

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1.2 - You, Your: Anyone reproducing the Material.

1.3 - We: AXELOS Limited of Rosebery Court, St Andrew's Business Park, Norwich, NR7 0HS.

1.4 - Period: The lifetime of the Material.

2. Grant

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3. Your Obligations

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"Copyright © AXELOS Limited 2010. Reproduced with the permission of AXELOS"
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