What is P3M3®?

P3M3® stands for the Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model. The model is a framework for assessing and benchmarking your organization’s current performance and for developing plans for improvement.

With P3M3, you can assess your whole organization, or specific areas of the business, to better understand the capabilities of your portfolio, programme, and project teams. P3M3 is unique in that it considers the whole system and not just the processes.


P3M3 allows you to determine your organization’s current state, including strengths and weaknesses, so you know which changes will deliver the most value.

P3M3 will deliver the following benefits:

  • Improved outcomes and return on investment on projects and programmes
  • Enhanced delivery quality, which increases stakeholder satisfaction
  • Structures for managing continual improvement, including the integration of processes across the organization
  • Increased focus on the maturity of the organization’s capabilities, driving commitment to change
  • Recognition of previous investments, justifying business cases for change.  

Who is P3M3 for?

P3M3 benefits corporate, public sector, government, and non-profit organizations of all sizes and in a diverse range of industries.

Results of the assessment will support change initiatives at strategic and operational levels, and therefore will be of particular interest to:

  • Directors
  • Portfolio, programme, or project managers
  • Heads of centres of excellence
  • Bid managers or procurement leads
  • Capability/performance improvement teams
  • Auditing and assurance professionals.

How does P3M3 work?

P3M3 supports organizational assessments at project, programme, or portfolio level. There are three P3M3 assessment options:

  • A standalone self-assessment This can be used to estimate your organization's maturity level
  • A facilitated self-assessment This assessment is supported by a P3M3 consultant and can be used to give a more robust estimate of your organization’s maturity.
  • Full diagnostic or certified assessments P3M3-qualified AXELOS Consulting Partners (ACPs) can give a robust and independent assessment of your organization’s capabilities.

P3M3 for consultants

If you are a consulting organization interested in becoming authorized to undertake P3M3 assessments, you can apply through our website for an ACP Licence.