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Bringing you three new ways to excel in Programme, Project and Portfolio Management.
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ProPath - the new project, programme and portfolio management certification scheme from AXELOS.

The all-new AXELOS® ProPath brings together the world's leading project, programme and portfolio best practice certifications, providing the breadth of skills you need to deliver meaningful organizational change, one powerful step at a time.

The path to progress

ProPath - the path to progress

ProPath brings together the world’s leading project, programme, and portfolio best practice certifications - including PRINCE2 and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) - for the breadth of skills you need to deliver meaningful organizational change.

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  • Control
    Take control of your career with a certification pathway designed by AXELOS, the world-leader in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management.

  • Standout
    Give yourself the edge with a professional endorsement that represents the breadth of skills needed to deliver change; one powerful step at a time.

  • Results
    Equip yourself with guidance and insights that are informed by real-world experience, for outstanding real-world results.

Choose your path

ProPath Project Expert

Why choose
For project management professionals seeking a holistic view of projects, consistent results, and increasing efficiencies.

Key skills
Strengthen your ability to maximise benefits and manage risk, whilst planning, managing, and delivering projects of any size or complexity.

Practitioner qualifications
Comprises PRINCE2, Managing Successful Programmes 5th edition (MSP), and Management of Risk (M_o_R). Each one powerful, together - unstoppable.


Management of Risk

Managing Successful Programmes 5th Edition

ProPath Agile Project Expert

Why choose
If you're passionate about the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile project management, this is the path for you.

Key skills
Maximise project benefits and manage risk with the proven delivery techniques of PRINCE2 Agile; the world's most complete Agile project management solution.

Practitioner qualifications
Combines PRINCE2 Agile with Managing Successful Programmes 5th edition (MSP) and Management of Risk (M_o_R) for unrivalled resilience in an ever-changing world.

PRINCE2 Agile 

Management of Risk

Managing Successful Programmes (5th Edition)

ProPath Programme Leader

Why choose
Tailor made for those who work across multiple projects and programmes who strive to be more effective.

Key skills
Learn to manage the complexities of multiple projects and programmes whilst controlling the impact of risk and maintaining alignment with strategy.

Practitioner qualifications
Combines the rigour of Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O), with Managing Successful Programmes 5th edition (MSP) and Management of Portfolios (MoP), for leadership that inspires.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices

Management of Portfolios

Managing Successful Programmes


ProPath scheme details

ProPath Certified Portfolio Director

Once you've earned your status as a ProPath Programme Leader, as well as ProPath Project Expert, or ProPath Agile Project Expert, you'll be invited to apply to become a ProPath Certified Portfolio Director - the ultimate designation in project, programme, and portfolio management.

With this industry-leading endorsement behind you, you'll operate as a key player for change within your organization - using your significant expertise to plan, direct, monitor and correct the course of change - to ensure extraordinary outcomes for your organization, and for yourself.


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ProPath PRINCE2 logo

A proven ‘how to’ for successful project management, bringing structure to every stage of your project’s lifecycle, whatever its size, sector or complexity.

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ProPath PRINCE2 Agile logo

The world’s most complete Agile project management solution. Combines the structure and governance of PRINCE2 with the responsiveness of Agile.

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ProPath MSP logo

A globally recognized framework for best practice programme management; helping you lead successful investment in change.


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ProPath M_o_R logo

A robust yet flexible framework that will help you identify, assess, and control risk at the strategic, programme, project, and operational levels.

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ProPath P3O logo

Discover how to make your existing portfolio, programme and project management activities more effective and improve delivery against objectives.

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ProPath MoP logo

A collection of principles and practices that help you ensure your organization's programmes and projects support strategic objectives.

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