Addressing Project Failure through PRINCE2

Kenn Dolan, Consultant, FPMS

August 2010

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This white paper examines how the PRINCE2 project management method has been designed and can be applied to address the common causes of project failure.

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12 Mar 2015 Mujahid Akande Kareem
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I think this has given me an insight into the rudiments of Prince2. Thank you
1 Mar 2018 Qasim Arshad
Alternate text
Very helpful information has been addressed to overcome with Project Failure through PRINCE2.
27 Aug 2020 Arun Tomer
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Thanks for sharing this very comprehensive documents. Must read for people like me who are new to Project Management.
21 Oct 2020 Rubina Akram
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Excellent reminder that puts things into perspective when starting a new project.
26 Jul 2021 Julian George
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A pragmatic look on what to be aware of to avoid project faliure.
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