Agile and the Best Management Practice framework within the public sector

Peter Measey, RADTAC Limited

June 2013

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This White Paper discusses the implementation of Agile frameworks within organizations where the complexity of the delivery and management environment means that inspecting and adapting guidance from the UK government’s Best Management Practice frameworks is recommended.

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20 Feb 2015 Matthew
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I have been involved in the system development lifecycle for quite a while and, as the article says, there are "method fundamentalists" who insist that their way is the only way (be it Agile, PRINCE2 or Waterfall). If you do think like that, then you are likely to fail in your endeavours.

I've long espoused the points precisely described by Peter Measey, in that you take the best practice from the methods available to hand and integrate them to suit your environment. Indeed, PRINCE2 clearly states that it is not a prescriptive project management methodology, but a set of governing best practices that you need to mould to fit your organisation. As a framework it can exist alongside, and integrate with, agile delivery methodologies (or waterfall if that suits your environment better) and deliver quality results.

The result? Rapid, iterative deliveries through self-sustaining teams with the right amount of documentation to support the delivery and a clear framework that identifies who is involved in the delivery and what role they have to play in the delivery.

So don't be a method fundamentalist. Take a look at your organisation and see how you can apply best practice frameworks to your delivery methodology. And if you choose to do agile, throw away the waterfall ideas.
17 Dec 2015 LB_IncidentManager
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I followed several webinars comparing/combining Agile PM/Prince2/ITIL. Which resulted in ordering Agile PM, Prince2 F elearning. Also, I'm going to attend some ITIL classes.
21 Jun 2018 Fábio José
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Very clear and useful article. Explains and demystifies several myths we hear every day. And give us a guide to walk in "Agile Age". Thanks
4 Mar 2019 Enrico Bottone
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Useful descriptions on Agile approach in very complex realities
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