Adopting PRINCE2 Agile® to deliver projects: The AXELOS Website


August 2015

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This video case study covers how AXELOS adopted PRINCE2 Agile to deliver the company's new website towards the end of 2014.

Featuring different members of the team who worked on the project, the video covers topics such as why an agile approach was selected, what challenges were faced and what were the lessons learnt.

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27 Nov 2015 Sam Wakhlu
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Having viewed the video and watched the comments from each key participant, I am somewhat confused whether one would actually use PRINCE2 methodology to create a website. Agile/Sprint inherently provides the framework to generate the requirements and manage outputs and team assignments and acceptance criteria. It is unclear what governance was actually provided by PRINCE2 in this case study.

It would have helped if there was some discussion on which areas of the PRINCE2 stage gate workflow were adopted and which were tailiored out or replaced with Agile. Similarly which PRINCE2 deliverables were aopted and what risk assessment was done for those that were dropped. One should not get an impression that PRINCE2 slows down projects after going through this presentation.
2 Mar 2016 Jackie_Jeter
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How long was the project?

When will the digital awards (eCommerce) platform be available?
Is that project also being managed as Agile?
21 Feb 2018 Jordan Benfield
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Interesting. Good to see the methodology/framework used to deliver the website. Would be nice to have had some specifics on how long the project took and details like size of the team (for interests sake only).
15 Mar 2018 Anna Janowska-che
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i think it was a good example of using Prince 2 + Agile Methodology to deliver the project
31 Oct 2018 Craig Inett
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This was a nice insight to the Agile framework, albeit vague. It would have been nice to know further specifics such as time scales and size of the team but still an interesting watch.
4 Mar 2019 Enrico Bottone
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Good practical example of a project using PRINCE2 Agile and a support to understand effectiveness of Prince2 Agile introduction
29 Jul 2019 Yaping Xin
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It will be nice if there mentioned the summary information of the team, and how long each of the PRINCE2 stage take.
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