Business Analysis and ITSM

Debra Paul, Ivor Macfarlane and Peter Brooks

April 2016

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This White Paper sets out to identify and illustrate the benefits of collaboration between the disciplines of business analysis (BA) and IT service management (ITSM).

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1 Jun 2016 Martin Pearson
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An excellent synopsis of the relationship between business analysis and service management
13 Dec 2017 Carl Tillotson
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Interesting article, I find in practical experience that there is a fuzzy boundary within BA, especially in the context of software development. Requirements Definition can sometimes become a set of functional requirements without actually looking deeper into the business process flow's involved.

The chart with the linkages between BA activities and ITIL stream is a useful chart and one to refer back to when espousing the benefits of BA linked to the change process.
28 Mar 2019 Fustbariclation
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It is unfortunate that the boundary is, as you say, Carl, somewhat fuzzy, and the language is different between the different practices.

Our intention with the article was to try to bring the two closer together.

It's essential that there's a connection between organisational requirements (service governance - now part of the spine of ITIL 4) for value, and the design, development and deployment of services to co-create that value.
11 Jul 2020 Ramon Sanchez Villanueva
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It's good article, and always will be relationship between BA and ITSM because that is the way to found good Service Value and make effort to make changes.
29 Sep 2020 Dominique NTONO AYISSI
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After reading, I've changed my understanding and have increased my interest on BA as a next step un my career path.
12 Jan 2021 tao yang
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28 Feb 2021 Emmanuel
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Business analysis topics are always interesting especially when defining its co-existence with ITSM. This article truly identifies the synergy between both; though the ITSM discussed was still based on ITILv3.
Still a very valuable read.
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