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Disney’s ITIL® Journey


October 2010

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Hired by the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) to kick-start The Walt Disney Company's Theme Parks and ITIL® initiative, Glen Taylor has championed the adoption of ITIL® since his appointment in 2008. Already an experienced ITIL® adopter, he was keen to move towards an integrated service management approach, backed up by ITIL® best practice.

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Disney’s ITIL® journey
Getting widespread adoption
Choosing ITIL Experts
Glen’s advice for organizations adopting ITIL
Trade marks and statements
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14 Oct 2015 Craig Shannon
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A very Interesting read. Good to see a push to get top-down and bottom-up cultural buy-in to align to ITIL.

This has got me thinking around the CSFs for such an activity, and thus some questions.

With 250 of 700+ staff getting the condensed training, what was the target for opt in to the exam (as a possible reflection of buy-in and confidence/interest in ITIL)? 125 opting in would be 50% of actual attendees.

The average industry pass rate is around 57%. What was the target, the actuals, and did the condensed training have a deleterious impact?

With a goal of 20 ITIL champions, which if 100% of the 125 passed would be a sixth of all initial newly certified staff or one for every 35 staff, I am curious as to how many stayed the course to become certified ITIL Experts.

Where there later condensed training opportunities for the remaining staff, and did the percentage that opted in for the exam increase as ITIL in the organisation bedded in and matured over time?

Did any that didn't opt in for the first tranche request the exam at a later date?

Regardless this got me thinking, which is always a good sign for a case study.
16 Feb 2016 NK
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Good guidance for those thinking of implementing ITIL in their organization as my department haven't adopted to any of ITIL process and I'm still in the process of introducing ITIL benefits to my management, by reading this blog, it gave me some ideas on how to go about it.

20 Jun 2016 Ravi Bodkai
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Thanks for sharing Disney's ITIL Journey Case Study. I have enjoyed reading and it improved my confidence levels.
3 Jul 2016 Keith Barrett
Alternate text
I'm one of the people who achieved ITIL Expert Certification throught Glen's program.
24 Oct 2017 Lucas Farina
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ITIL don't have to be complicated - just as Disney showed. The benefits we can take from the methodology implementation are bigger then we can imagine.
4 Nov 2017 Mohamed Farag
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ITIL don't have to be complicated - just as Disney showed. The benefits we can take from the methodology implementation are bigger then we can imagine.
20 Mar 2018 Adrian Trif
Alternate text
Do not overcomplicate things, do not reinvent the wheel, train the people in ITIL.
22 Jun 2018 Pambos
Alternate text
Provided a great insight on the wide-scale adoption of ITIL at Disney in delivering excellent IT service management.
13 Aug 2018 Imran Khan
Alternate text
Thanks for sharing this enjoyed reading it, awesome!
24 Feb 2019 Sarah Taverner
Alternate text
Useful article that gave me valuable insights I can transfer to my organisation.
20 Nov 2019 Nishanth EP
Alternate text
Very good case study; it clearly says the importance of having best practices and validate the using CSF.
15 Apr 2020 Simon Kerry
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This was a very interesting white paper, I enjoyed the selection criteria for the champions and that this was wide spread from top to bottom.
15 Apr 2020 Simon Kerry
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I enjoy reading this white paper. my main take away is the selection criteria of champions not only at top layers but down to the management layers.
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