Essex County Council: An ITIL® Case Study

Louise John and Hayley Skargon

March 2015

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Adopting and adapting ITIL® enabled Essex County Council to meet service level agreements and gain control of their service and underpinning contracts while effectively capitalizing on outsourcing opportunities.

Watch the interview with Essex County Council on their ITIL Journey
Watch the Essex County Council webinar recording
Adopting ITIL
ITIL's continuing use
What are your recommended Best Practices
Trade marks and statements
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16 Feb 2016 NK
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Good reference material for the beginners. I have noted down some important points where I can apply it at my work place and I can use some of the points to suggest to my company Management to adopt ITIL approach.
17 Aug 2016 Luciano Maximo
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Good case of success in implement ITIL. Very good and clear return.
5 Jun 2018 Adenike Ajene
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I particularly enjoyed watching the video.
12 Jun 2018 Szymon
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I particularly enjoyed watching the video.
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