Executive Briefing: The Benefits of ITIL® White Paper

Maggie Kneller

September 2010

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This revised technical white paper explains how Information Technology (IT) services provide business value, and why good IT service management is essential in order to unlock this value. It is for senior executives, managers and decision makers whose businesses make use of IT.

This white paper is also available to download in Chinese, Dutch and French.

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16 Oct 2015 DeMarcus Willis
Alternate text
This article provides a wealth of knowledge and is very instrumental in IT service management.
15 Jan 2016 Russ
Alternate text
Great article that demonstrate best value and benefits
16 Feb 2016 Chris Evans
Alternate text
A good introduction to the benefits of ITIL giving selling points to take back to the business to justify investment.
7 May 2016 Christian Serapiao
Alternate text
The author showed a very interesting about the whole structure of ITIL. Through the use of good practices it is possible to balance the way in which companies use the services of technology.
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