How do organizations benefit from using the Managing Successful Programmes framework?

Rod Sowden, Aspire Europe Ltd

December 2011

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Mentor and lead author for the 2011 edition of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) and lead author of the 2007 edition, Rod Sowden, Aspire Europe Ltd, outlines the benefits that organizations will enjoy from using MSP.

This recent 2011 version gave us an opportunity to give facelifts to the content of three important chapters clarifying and improving some of the concepts introduced in 2007.

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4 Oct 2017 Karen Stevens
Alternate text
Short and very informative. Makes interesting reading and highlights key areas where most projects do lack a SRO and BluePrint
4 Apr 2018 Kristen R Day-Garner
Alternate text
This paper highlights points that underlines reasons for my attendance on the MSP course and reassures me it is the correct choice.
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