How to implement Management of Portfolios within 100 days


May 2013

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The Office for National Statistics (ONS) collects, analyses and publishes important statistics such as population, inflation and gross domestic product. This information is used to inform decisions that affect the lives of everyone in the UK. In 2012, ONS recognized that a portfolio management approach to business change was required, to prioritize investments which would contribute most to strategy in the face of rapidly evolving technology and an increasingly complex society.

Introduction from the Director General
1. Understanding where we were
2. Understanding where we wanted to go
3 Working together to get there
4. Going beyond 100 days
Top tips
Appendix 1 Portfolio management blueprint
Appendix 2 Portfolio delivery journey 2012–14
Appendix 3 Portfolio delivery unit model
Appendix 4 Portfolio governance model
Appendix 5 ONS future wall
Glossary of ONS portfolio management terms
About the author
Trade marks and statements
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2 Oct 2016 Kevin Brooks
Alternate text
I have read this before but still a great read with some super bits like the creative wall - I do value Craig's creativity - it is so critical when it comes to really getting on and making sure the right things happen! I always make a point of mentioning this white paper when training participants in MoP.
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