ITIL 4 and Digital Transformation White Paper

Damian Harris

February 2019

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The term ‘digital transformation’ is widely used by business and technology leaders, but it’s worth pausing to reflect on what it really means, how it emerged and why it’s important.

This white paper considers relevant advances under this topic as well as the inseparability of service management and digital transformation. The paper also examines how ITIL 4 puts services at the heart of the discussion and reflects the need for new ways of working to accommodate broader technological shifts and other management approaches.

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10 Sep 2019 Pedro Fuentes
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Thanks for sharing, the article is really interesting.
8 Nov 2019 Eric Zelinski
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This article does a great job highlighting what makes larger organizations susceptible to being usurped by the smaller start-up type organization. At the heart, the cost to entry has been lower significantly and these smaller organizations willingness to move agilely and accept a larger appetite for risk makes them extremely dangerous to the larger organizations.
These larger organizations where siloed IT work and multiple levels of bureaucracy remain will continue to be passed by an organization willing to incorporate these technology shifts and supporting management frameworks.
The focus for IT groups within organizations needs to be on being seen as an enabler and providing solutions to outcomes the business wants to achieve. This thought process needs to be incorporated when IT groups are designing and improving the services they offer to the business.
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