ITIL 4 and VOCR: The Service Value Formula White Paper

Tatiana Peftieva

March 2019

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In ITIL® 4, organizations exist to create value for stakeholders. One of the most important stakeholders of any organization will be the customers of the products and services created and delivered by the organization.

This paper provides a detailed illustration using fictional cases of the key elements of service definition and their relationships in IT management and non-IT domains. It is intended to facilitate a good understanding and successful application of these elements.

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5 Jan 2020 Lena Dahlstrom
Alternate text
Hi, I like what you write, but nowhere in the White papper you state the term "VOCR" (except for the title) and explain what it stands for. This leaves the reader least me.
6 Jan 2020 Daniela Schamper
Alternate text
Hi, Lena, maybe I can help you. I also looked for the meaning but found none (even not in any of the glossaries), and I think there is no explanation because it is very easy (if you know it): VOCR = "Value Outcomes Cost Risks" see fig. 1 in the Whitepaper, Kind regards Daniela
27 Mar 2020 FRANKLIN FFW
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Hi Daniela, Its important that the term should be clearly defined. However the as per fig 1 Achieved value: outcomes, costs, and risks. Even in the glossary it is not mentioned. I too feel that reader will get confused, if he does not get the real meaning of the same. Regds-Franklin
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