ITIL 4 and eTOM White Paper

Saurabh Jain and Renato Fichmann

July 2020

eTOM and ITIL® are both sound frameworks for IT service management. They have been successfully implemented by organizations who recognize that a growing dependence on IT should correlate with increasingly high-quality IT services. ITIL 4 and eTOM are also becoming ever more relevant because of the rapid development of technologies such as 5G wireless, software defined networking, and growing IOT. From operations perspective, ITIL and eTOM could be critical to the success of organizations’ investments in these technologies.

This paper explores how eTOM and ITIL 4 drive value creation and is a practical guide to how to blend the two frameworks into one holistic approach.

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16 Jul 2020 Narayanan Thyagarajan
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Good article Saurabh!!

As you mentioned the building blocks for both the standards seem very similar. I feel there are some gaps in eTOM where data from the operations block is not feeding into the strategy block whereas ITIL seem to be more complete.
25 Sep 2020 Keith Weber
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Good article, it recognizes that you may need to incorporate more than one framework for different business needs in order to increase IT value.
30 Sep 2020 David Hill
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Interesting read, thank you
22 Jan 2021 Nadim Ali
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It is interesting! Thanks !
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