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PRINCE2 for Small Scale Projects White Paper


September 2011

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Chris Ferguson of Novare Consulting outlines how the PRINCE2 light-touch approach provides guidance for organisations working on small projects to adopt the best practice for successful management. This White Paper defines the 'light-touch' approach and distinguishes the differences between a one-off task and a small project, and a small project and a large project, by outlining the resources required for each scale.

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15 Oct 2015 Camilo_Reyes
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I think that it is very important to define and enhance the development and use of a light-touch framework for small projects.

More often than mentioned all organizations are dealing with this kind of projects, and PM's are always in the middle of going with too much or too little.
2 Feb 2016 Roman Lublinsky
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Good one! Helps to understand where and how to draw the line.
24 Aug 2016 Kudzanayi mazungunye
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Good report this differentiation is very important to know and understand to have a fine line between large projects and small scale projects. Today we have a lot of SMEs in the market and appreciation of this model will go a longway on how to implement their ideas into reality
9 Feb 2019 Renato Nicolello
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Interesting report that tries to define the difference between large scale project, small project and work tasks.
24 Mar 2020 Shajuti Islam
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Good report, informs people like me who work on small projects, how to successfully implement in the correct manner
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Useful report especially during this period of COVID-19 where perhaps, many small projects have to be undertaken to address the evolving situation. That said, it also means that due to this said evolving situation, small projects today could become subjected to similar VUCA conditions, to which, the project manager will have to rely on the well established principles, themes and processes to succeed in the project.
15 Dec 2020 Kwong Fai Frank Tang
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This is a good report to explain how to manage the small projects with light-touch approach.
25 Jul 2021 Dr. Olaitan Awonusi
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Good points.

Heavy documentation should be avoided especially when the net benefit is low.

I am happy about PRINCE2 Agile. It seems like the perfect combination of the light-touch approach and Agile frameworks.
2 Aug 2021 Mansour
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Aligned with today's trend, aiming to shorter, lower-cost projects designed to quickly access ‘fit for purpose’ solutions focusing on results and benefits
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