Products and service taxonomy in ITIL 4 White Paper

Tatiana Peftieva

April 2020

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ITIL 4 is the first version of ITIL that actively use the terms ‘product’ and ‘service’. These terms are adopted by professional communities, and sometimes contrasted with one another. This paper explores the product and service taxonomy of ITIL 4 and explains why taxonomy is important to IT and service management.

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21 Apr 2020 Caspar Miller
Alternate text
The paper defines service actions as something done by people. Surely service actions also cover actions performed by other (i.e. non-human) actors such as service accounts, scripts and other sorts of automation, chatbots, virtual assistants etc., and increasingly so in our modern digital world.
Further, service actions should also cover actions of service consumers, not only service providers.
As an example, if I ask Alexa (aka Amazon Echo) for a weather forecast, both my question and her reply would constitute service actions.
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