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Service acceptance criteria: Sometimes you got to be cruel to be kind - White Paper

Julia Harrison

June 2017

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The goal of this article is to use the ITIL® Practitioner guiding principles “start where you are”, “collaborate” and “keep it simple”, to show how it is possible for IT service operations organizations that have not yet introduced DevOps practices to their service management to reach across the divide to software development to make improvements to their services.

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2 Nov 2017 Caspar Miller
Alternate text
Provides a better understanding of the term SAC, and also gives a theoretical example of sorts.
A practical example from a real-world application/use of SAC in a deliverable would have made for even more value.
27 Nov 2017 David Boothroyd
Alternate text
Fine as a primer, but I would like to see it expanded to qualify as a white paper. The SAC is one of the fundamental building blocks of collaboration in siloed IT - with a little backing from senior management, it's existence and treatment can expose significant risks and encourage and more transparent lifecycle for services. It would be great to see that journey played out in this document.
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