Shift-left: Move closer to the source with ITIL and DevOps

Barclay Rae

February 2020

'Shift-left' is a buzzword that is now frequently used. This term is valuable as it is often open to multiple levels of understanding and application.

The widely accepted definition is that shift-left involves moving the delivery of work to the most appropriate and optimum place to meet the customer or business needs. Usually this involves improving the quality, efficiency, and speed of the delivery of work to improve customer experience.

This white paper discusses how ITIL 4 has a strong focus on shift-left, both in terms of how it can be deployed as an IT and service management artefact, and how this relates directly to approaches such as DevOps and Agile as well as how to deliver shift-left.

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19 Jan 2021 Nadim Ali
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It is interesting. Thank you!
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