Start where you are: an ITIL® Guiding Principle

Kevin Kasunic

September 2016

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Manager of Business Transformation at the Walt Disney Company Kevin Kasunic describes how adopting the ITIL Practitioner Guiding Principle Start where you are enabled the organization to begin its ITIL journey and start assessing and improving IT services and functions.

NOTE: This case study is based on the Guiding Principles associated with the ITIL v3 Practitioner certification. To learn more about the application of the ITIL 4 Guiding Principles, see our White Paper ITIL Guiding Principles for Continual Improvement.

Starting where we were
What are your recommended Best Practices
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16 Jan 2018 Jared McNeilly
Alternate text
Definitely agree with 2 points here:
1) Don't try to boil the ocean. You must approach ITIL adoption as a process or it won't take hold. ITIL Overview training should definitely be mandatory.
2) Get executive buy-in. Having ITIL as a priority from the top-down is the best way to influence cultural change. An executive as a champion of this type of project is critical.
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