The ABC of ICT card set: A Practical Guide White Paper

Paul Wilkinson

January 2018

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The ABC OF ICT card set is an awareness and assessment instrument used to address the attitude, behaviour and cultural aspects of an ITSM improvement initiative.

This paper shows how organizations and practitioners can use the cards to identify what types of resistance may be expected from stakeholders when considering an ITSM improvement and to discuss resistance with teams and managers to address resistance.

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23 Mar 2018 Claudia Light
Alternate text
I am glad to see this resource getting more visibility. I was curious about ABC of ICT when I read the ITIL Practitioner Book. I acquired copies of the books and cards. The exercises are an entertaining way to get people to talk about uncomfortable issues.

Seeing the mapping to the CSI stages and ITIL Guiding Principles provides another useful tool for my ITSM toolkit.

Thank you.
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