The Future IT Service Management Professional Report


January 2017

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The Future IT Service Management Professional report provides a platform to look to the future and identify emerging trends and their impact on the IT service management profession. We engaged with our global community through surveys, interviews and roundtables to collect their views on what the future might look like.

The vast majority of practitioners – 92% – agree that professionals will need a much stronger strategic vision aligned to the wider business, and will be expected to take a holistic view of the services their organization provides.

Other findings include:

  • 91% agree that cyber-attacks, security breaches, and hacking will continue to increase and present a bigger threat to business
  • 90% agree new technologies will generate new risks that will need to managed carefully
  • 89% think that an increase in automation will take over the repetitive tasks of IT, creating more time for service managers to focus on delivering more value to their organizations.

Fundamentally, professional development will be key in enabling ITSM practitioners to adopt the skills required to provide strategic business advice and grow their influence outside the traditional IT function.

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