The Future Project Manager Report


January 2017

The Future Project Manager report provides a platform to look to the future and identify emerging trends and their impact on the project and programme management professions. We engaged with our global community through surveys, interviews and roundtables to collect their views on what the future might look like.

Our research reveals that confidence among the industry is high, with 76% of those surveyed agreeing that project management will become a basic business skill which everyone uses. However, 90% of project managers agree that they need a much stronger strategic vision which aligns with business goals.

Other findings include:

  • 90% said that ongoing training would be vital to keep up with the pace of change, and that there will be a need to more creativity and flexibility in project management
  • 90% of project managers agree that new technologies will generate risks that need to be managed carefully
  • 75% of respondents believe increased regulation and compliance will generate more projects by 2030
  • 59% believe that as automation increases, daily routine tasks of project management will no longer be a burden on them.

Professional development will be essential for project managers to ensure they have the necessary skills so that their response to project delivery is fast-paced, flexible, and business-oriented.

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26 Jan 2017 Ehab Shallaby
Alternate text
It is an interesting reading about the future vision for Project Management.
3 Feb 2017 Maciej Krupa
Alternate text
There is a place for us in the future, but we need to change, and what is more we need to keep up with the pace of changes
30 Jan 2018 VIJAYANAND R
Alternate text
Reports help us to get prepared proactively for Industry future requirement
26 Mar 2018 Margarita Georgieva
Alternate text
This is a very neat document! Love the style and the layouts!
10 Jul 2018 Orian
Alternate text
Agree wholeheartedly with this statement -
"project management will become a basic business skill which everyone uses"

In all the various industries I have worked in, in the various roles - I have always perceived each objective with its set of tasks as a project.... (maybe that was on the back of science projects back in school....) all the principles still apply!

For the future employee, understanding best practice in project management would be an essential skill.
27 Nov 2018 Atique Sheikh
Alternate text
Managing a project is a journey.With time the field itself is changing , adapting new skills for the best. Great article.
15 Apr 2019 Ines Alves
Alternate text
The ability to work with people is fundamental, and contributes to the success of the projects. Emotional intelligence is the key for a successful business, project, investment ... for a happy and joyful life
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