Transition into Business as Usual

Adrian Pyne, Montydog Consulting

March 2013

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This White Paper builds on Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) to provide additional guidance on the successful implementation and integration of new capabilities into business operations so that they can be exploited to achieve the desired benefits.

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19 Sep 2015 Kyung Suk Choi
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How have you been?
I want to download the file "Transition into Business as Usual" of MSP pdf file.
But I can't download it?

Would you send the above pdf file to me?

Many thanks,
30 Sep 2015 Tom Lynam
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Hi Kyung, thanks for your comment. Are you using a mobile device to view the white paper? If so I believe you need to ensure that you have downloaded the Adobe reader app to be able to view.
Let me know if you need any more assistance.
6 Sep 2016 Pippa Croft
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Incredibly helpful paper confirming the importance of planning beyond transition - Thank you
27 Oct 2016 James Hayward
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Good paper and confirmed some of the challenges I have faced particular in public sector.

In reference to public sector - "The pretend stakeholder that a more in-depth analysis can identify often occurs in the public sector. These are often highly vocal people who claim great interest and influence in the programme but who in fact have little or no influence. Again, a more in-depth stakeholder analysis can root out these ‘wannabees’ who would waste a great deal of programme time and effort.",

I couldn't agree more, having been involved in a number of public sector transition projects this was one of the main issues and it led to operational staff being excluded along with the stakeholders who just made noise, this then led to the "threat" reaction from operational staff when it was time to introduce the changes to BAU.
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