US Department of the Interior ITIL Case Study

Bob Roark

May 2019

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ITIL® is at the core of integrated service management and will continue to be a major part of the strategic response as US Government IT responds to new challenges and ways of working.

This case study focuses on the importance of IT and IT service management to the success of the US Department of the Interior (DoI) and how using the strengths of ITIL enabled them to develop a customer-centric culture and to reduce their costs. Utilizing ITIL also helped the DoI meet their IT challenge and deliver integrated service management which ensures value to the customer and meets the challenges of government and IT in providing improved services that are also cheaper and faster.

Agreement with NuAxis
How are IT and IT service management important to the success of the DOI?
The IT challenge
The solution journey: step-by-step
What was the outcome for DOI and its customers/users?
ITIL: providing a foundation
What are your recommended Best Practices?
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Trade marks and statements
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