Use of PRINCE2® by Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH

Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH

October 2015

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In this case study, German systems development business Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH describes how PRINCE2® helped them deliver a project to develop hardware and software for rail ticket vending machines for rail company Bayerische Oberlandbahn.

The case study is also available in German (PDF, 1.6MB).

What was the project?
End notes
Trade marks and statements
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4 Apr 2018 Darmawan Williams
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An interesting case study which was time utilized well, I believe i will re-read the case study again to see what lessons may be applicable to my current Project.
20 May 2019 Philippe Dalmas
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Quick and useful snapshot of a successful project.
26 Oct 2019 Edward Charnley
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An interesting case study on an international deployment of PRINCE2. Most strikingly, the case study demonstrates that by utilising PRINCE2, the organisation was able to deliver the project (to the required specifications) within a very tight timescale (ten months) and documented 33 lessons learned for future reference and avoidance.
14 Nov 2019 Mein Sin
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This case study illustrates how Prince2 methodology helps in the project. The business justification from the Supplier's end is mentioned. This is good example to emphasis that other than taking a project for short term ie. revenue. The Long term objective should be considered and planned when planning for the project.
2 Aug 2021 Fernanda Longo
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This is a interesting case that I can use as example implementing the Prince2 methodology on my projects.
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