Our Certifications

AXELOS’ certifications are globally recognized and highly sought after by potential employers. They can help you to quickly improve your skills and capabilities across a number of key business disciplines, in turn driving strong business performance.

Our well-known and highly regarded qualifications include ITIL® for IT service management, PRINCE2® for project management, RESILIA® for Cyber Resilience and MSP® for programme management. Our portfolio also includes certifications in portfolio, risk and value management.

ITIL® Certifications

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The ITIL Certification Scheme provides a modular approach to the ITIL framework, and is comprised of a series of qualifications focused on different aspects of IT and digital transformation.

ITIL 4 consists of the Foundation, Managing Professional and Strategic Leader certification levels.

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RESILIA® Certifications


The RESILIA Certification Scheme has been developed to offer two levels of qualification: Foundation and Practitioner.

The scheme teaches how to achieve good cyber resilience within an organization and how to manage the related risks and issues.

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PRINCE2® Certifications

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PRINCE2 is an easy to learn and flexible method that can be adapted to all types of project. The PRINCE2 certification scheme places a new emphasis on tailoring the method to the needs of organizations and project management environments.

There are two levels to PRINCE2: Foundation and Practitioner.


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PRINCE2 Agile® Certifications

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PRINCE2 Agile is the world’s most complete agile project management solution, blending the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the defined governance of PRINCE2.

It comprises the Foundation and Practitioner qualifications.


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AgileSHIFT® Certifications

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AgileSHIFT is an enterprise agility solution designed to help organizations understand and influence change by embracing agile and lean ways of working.

It is a single-tier certification aimed at all members of staff in an organization

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MSP® Certifications

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The MSP Certification Scheme teaches the essential skills and knowledge required to develop your programme management capabilities.

The certification scheme based on the 5th Edition of MSP comprises two levels of certification, Foundation and Practitioner.

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M_o_R® Certifications

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The M_o_R Certification Scheme has been developed to offer two levels of qualification, Foundation and Practitioner.

Learn how to manage the identification, assessment and control of risks across any organizational perspective.

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P3O® Certifications

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The P3O Certification Scheme includes two levels of qualification, Foundation and Practitioner.

Training in P3O equips you with a set of principles, processes and techniques to help you deliver projects or programmes within an organization or department.

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MoP® Certifications

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The MoP Certification Scheme has been developed to offer two levels of qualification, Foundation and Practitioner.

It is relevant to those in a range of portfolio management roles encompassing investment decision making, project and programme delivery, and benefits realization.

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MoV® Certifications

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MoV training will benefit you if you are involved in directing, managing, supporting and delivering portfolios, programmes and projects.

The scheme includes two levels of certification, Foundation and Practitioner.

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