ITIL Credit System

The ITIL® Credit System supports the ITIL certification scheme by recognizing your investment in ITIL certifications.

Within the ITIL credit system, each ITIL certification has been assigned a specific credit value, based upon its level of ITIL content.

Upon successful completion of any ITIL examination recognized under the scheme, a candidate will be awarded both the certification and the credits attached.

The credits earned through this system can then be used towards the ITIL Expert level of certification, for which candidates must have earned a required number of credits (22) from a selection of certifications, including ITIL Practitioner (3 credits), which cover the full spectrum of ITIL best practice.

The 17 credits required before Managing across the Lifecycle (MALC) to advance to ITIL Expert can be earned in any order once the 2 credits for ITIL Foundation have been completed. ITIL Practitioner can be taken immediately after Foundation, or after completing any number of Intermediate modules.

While ITIL Practitioner is positioned on the journey towards ITIL Expert, we believe that current ITIL Expert qualification holders would benefit from the practical nature of the ITIL Practitioner guidance, and the extensive toolkit it includes. This view has been confirmed by candidates.

ITIL Credit System diagram

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The ITIL Credit Administration Policy

The ITIL credit system is designed to steer candidates towards selecting a balanced portfolio of certifications.

It is supported by the ITIL Credit Administration policy which provides rules and recommendations to candidates on which ITIL certification combinations can or cannot be used together in ITIL Expert level applications.

Based on the percentage of duplicate ITIL content between specific combinations of ITIL certifications, the following three degrees of overlap have been identified - low, moderate or high:

Low Degree of Overlap - 0-19%

Moderate Degree of Overlap - 20-39%

High Degree of Overlap - 40%+

Earlier ITIL Certificate Holders

Some earlier ITIL certificates, which were awarded under previous versions of ITIL, can be used to enter the current certifications scheme. See our Earlier Certificate Holders page for more information.