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The ITIL® Expert level certification is aimed at those who are interested in demonstrating knowledge of the ITIL scheme in its entirety. The certificate is awarded to candidates who have achieved a range of ITIL certifications and have achieved a well-rounded, superior knowledge and skills base in ITIL best practices. 

This certification will benefit you in both your personal and professional development, by aiding your career advancement and progress within the IT service management field.

You also need to achieve the ITIL Expert certificate if you want to achieve the ITIL Master level, which is the highest and final certification within the ITIL scheme.

There are many possible combinations of modules from the ITIL framework available to those wishing to attain the ITIL Expert certificate, but there are some key requirements:

  • All candidates must hold the ITIL Foundation certificate or a Bridge certification equivalent
  • Candidates must have earned a minimum total of 17 credits from the Foundation and Intermediate modules.
  • Some credits from earlier qualifications and complementary certifications can also count towards these 17 credits. See the ITIL Credit System page for more information.
  • The Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) module must then be taken and passed to achieve a total of 22 credits, which is the minimum required for the ITIL Expert certificate.

Once you have successfully completed all ITIL modules required and have earned sufficient credits, you will have achieved a balanced knowledge across the full ITIL service lifecycle and can be awarded the ITIL Expert certificate.

While candidates can earn 17 credits through various learning paths leveraging any combination of the Foundation and Intermediate courses, the experience of trainers worldwide has shown that students wishing to pursue the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) module benefit from taking the Continual Service Improvement and Service Strategy modules from the ITIL Intermediate certification scheme as part of their learning path.

Using Earlier ITIL Certificates

Candidates who hold the Service Manager or Practitioner qualifications can use these certificates towards the ITIL Expert certificate. See the earlier certifications section for more information.

The MALC module sits between the Intermediate and Expert certifications and is the final required certification gaining Expert status. It is intended to help you apply and integrate your knowledge of ITIL in real-world settings and in your own workplace.

Examination Format

  • Multiple choice examination questions
  • 10 questions per paper
  • 35 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) - 70%
  • 120 minutes’ duration
  • Closed book.

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