M_o_R® Risk Management Certifications

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The M_o_R® certification scheme offers two levels of certification, Foundation and Practitioner. M_o_R training courses and examinations are offered by AXELOS' network of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs).

Foundation Examination

Practitioner Examination

Practitioner Re-Registration Examination

You must pass the Foundation exam before the Practitioner exam, either on the same day or separately. If you sit the Foundation examination only, and pass, you will receive a Foundation examination certificate. However, if you take both the Foundation and Practitioner exams on the same day, and pass both, you will receive a Practitioner examination certificate only.

There are two routes towards obtaining the M_o_R certifications - you can sit the exams at the end of a training course with an Accredited Training Organization (ATO), or study privately and then book the exam without a training course via PeopleCert, our M_o_R Examination Institute.

For details of training courses, use our search facility to locate a training provider.

Sample Papers

Practice for your M_o_R exams by testing yourself with these Sample Papers.

The M_o_R Foundation, Practitioner and Practitioner Re-registration examinations are available in the following languages:

  • Dutch (Foundation only)
  • English (all examinations)
  • German (Foundation only)
  • Polish (all examinations)
  • Romanian (Practitioner and Practitioner Re-registration only)

Examinations in these languages are available through our global network of Accredited Training Organizations.

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