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MoP: principles, practices, and procedures for successful portfolio management

Techniques for planning and implementing portfolios of change

MoP® (Management of Portfolios) is comprised of principles, techniques, and practices that will assist your organization in the successful adoption of portfolio management.

MoP is concerned with two issues:

  • how to choose the optimal projects and programmes to suit your organization’s strategic objectives
  • how to execute them to optimize value for customers and other stakeholders.

It focuses on the change delivered by project and programme management as a whole, rather than the work of individual initiatives.

MoP is closely aligned with PRINCE2 and MSP. It helps senior executives and decision-makers to understand how portfolio management can maximize return on investment, and start and sustain transformation.

Key benefits

  • Deliver the best return from the total investment in change programmes and projects
  • Used as a ‘how to’ guide for portfolio management
  • Realize the full benefits in terms of efficiency savings and contribution to strategic objectives
  • Provide the tools and techniques needed to identify and prioritize overall investment.

MoP Foundation

The Foundation certification will give you sufficient knowledge and understanding to work as an informed member of a Portfolio Office. The Foundation certification is a pre-requisite for the Practitioner certification.

See the MoP Foundation page for more information.

MoP Practitioner

The Practitioner certification allows you to demonstrate an understanding of how to apply and tailor the MoP guidance and to analyse portfolio data, documentation and roles in relation in a practical context. You will be able to advise on the implementation of appropriate practices and techniques, and apply the method to a live portfolio.

See the MoP Practitioner page for more information.