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Target Audience

MSP Foundation is invaluable for individuals who are interested in learning how to manage multiple projects and programmes successfully. It is designed to support programme or project managers, people working in a programme office, business change managers, and programme and project delivery team members who wish to gain a greater understanding of the MSP guidance to work more effectively in large scale project or programme environments.

See our MSP Foundation 4th edition page for more information about the previous version of this certification.

Examination Format

  • Multiple choice questions
  • 60 questions per paper with one mark available per question
  • Five questions to be trial and not counted in scores
  • 36 marks required to pass (out of 60 marks available) - 60%
  • 60 minutes’ duration
  • Closed book.

MSP 5th Edition Foundation App

The Official MSP Foundation app can help you prepare for your training or exam.

You can track your progress and test yourself with quick test questions or a full mock exam.

See our MSP 5th Edition Foundation App page for more information.

Key Resources