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Key Benefits

RESILIA certification will help you to:

  • Design and deliver cyber resilient strategies and services across your organization in line with your business needs
  • Integrate cyber resilience into your existing systems and processes
  • Establish a common language for cyber resilience across your organization
  • Minimize the damage from a security breach and enable speedy response and recovery.

RESILIA Foundation

The Foundation certification will help you understand how decisions impact good and bad cyber resilience. It has a comprehensive approach across all areas and teaches you how to make good cyber resilience an efficient part of business and operational management.

See the RESILIA Foundation page for more information.

RESILIA Practitioner

The RESILIA Practitioner certification will help you understand what effective cyber resilience looks like and the risks and issues that can easily affect cyber resilience. You will learn how to get the best balance of risk, cost, benefits and flexibility within an organization.

See the RESILIA Practitioner page for more information.

Examination Languages

The RESILIA Foundation and Practitioner exams are only available in English.