Project Management Software
Andrew Jennings 03 Apr 2017 12:23
What software do you use for project management?
  • Pena dn paper, or a spreadsheet?
  • Gantt Charts such as MSProject?
  • Card view software, like Trello?
  • Something else?
A spreadheet?
Gantt Charts such as MSProject?

My organisation chose LiquidPlanner, and it's turned out to be far more suitable than MSProject, for us, and especially for teams who are tasked with working on multiple projects simultaneously. The amount of time required to input data and administer projects has decreased dramatically, and the collaboration of our teams, and focus on priority tasks has become even better.

It would be interesting to see what others are using

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06 Aug 2017 09:32
It would be interesting to hear your take on the pros and cons of each
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20 Nov 2017 16:45
We use a card view collaboration tool called Fluxes. I love this tool. It's very effective to keep track of projects, create reports and communicate between team members. I have heard of LiquidPlanner, but happy with what we are using now. Would love to know what others are using! 
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18 Apr 2019 08:55
I use all of those! horses for courses
I'd add whitevboard - virtual or real
Trello is good for lists and interaction between folk who are dispersed
MS Project has powerful features and thankfully I know how to use enough to make it useful (ie build a linked, resourced baseline that I can track with Earned Value) If you don't invest the 50hrs to learn how to drive its a BAD tool to use to draw pictures - like using a chainsaw to cut your toast - your going to get hurt
There is a good FREE msp compatible tool called project-libre - worth looking at

WHAT would be really useful is if folk listed tools they are using and the biggest benefit / bug bear from them
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12 Jun 2019 23:29
Tend to use MS-Projects, it is a standard for a reason.  Suspect the reason being it is Microsoft!

We have started to use Office-365, and Planner is useful for small scale activities.  It is not at the same level as Trello.  It appears to be trying to pitch itself in that space.  Aligned with MS Teams, I think Planner does work within the teams' environment.  Not much use for large projects. 

Opensource, I do like OpenProject (https://www.openproject.org/), there is a steep learning curve, but I do believe it is a useful challenger for MS Project Server.  If you have a technical background like myself, then setting it up with Docker is easy to do.

For personal consultancy projects, I use PIAB is has a good set of PRINCE2 templates that can be used out of the box.  

For Daily Log, you can't beat Excel.  I have a template I have used for many years, as always a template from elsewhere.  If I remember the link I will post it here.  

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