Exam Fee
Paresh Dharankar 13 Apr 2018 14:51
Hi, I need a help from you'll. 
I had taken admission in simplilearn online learning to pass PRINCE2 about a year and half back. I cleared foundation exam. I could not continue practitioner study so I took a break, al though I had made payment to simplilearn including practitioner exam fee. so when I got back to the institute they said that the syllabus has changed now and the fee that i had paid earlier for practitioner exam is no longer valid and null. And that i need to pay whole practitioner exam fee again. I should be paying the increased difference in the fee in case of change in fee on higher side. Simplilearn told me that they had already paid my fee for practitioner exam to Axelos and thaf it cannot be counted for new syllabus exam. I need a clarification from your side whether this is true and help.
Thanks a lot for your time.
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