PRINC2 Agile Foundation Certification
Milvio 08 Jun 2016 23:25
Has anyone heard about what's happeing with the trial of the PRINCE2 Agile foundation certification in Germany?
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21 Jul 2017 19:26
There never was a prince2 agile foundation but there was a pilot in germany to allow people to take prince2-agile with just a p2 foundation instead of the full practitioner as is required everywhere else
It quietly disapeared - be interesting to knwo what happened
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24 Jul 2017 09:25
I'll have an ask around and see if I can find out what happened with the pilot in germany! Keep a look out, I'll post what I find out here
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18 Apr 2019 08:36
As an update and NOT related to Germany The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation was launched as a pilot pretty much a year ago this week (in April/May 2018)

We were one of the (I think for what I've heard since leading!) ATOs to take over 2 dozen students through the pilot

Our p2a courses - training and exams - are 100% online.

Every one on the pilot passed and in the year since our 100% record still holds (Last week we had a practitioner candidate fail by ONE point - The practitioner has tough questions).

P2a *IS* the credential for project managers (and straight P2 should be restricted to PMO types since it omits how to plan but includes the governance procedures, information flows, decisions and roles to place a PR-roject I-n a C-ontrolled E-nvironment.

Our p2a course without exam is part of our £5 a month all in as much as you can eat bundle - https://learn.logicalmodel.net/p/annual-site-membership

With axelos' fees exams he course sign-ups are here https://learn.logicalmodel.net/courses/category/agile

If you need help or support reach-out :-)
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