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Practitioner Exam via Proctor.
Gary 24 Feb 2020 20:20
Hi You Guys! 

I have my Prince2 Practitioner exam in a few days, and starting to stress a little. My mock exams are going to 3 hours, so I need to trim 30 minutes. Im francticly going through the paper and Manageing Prince 2 Projects Manual. But thought I post to ask if there are any webpages that could give me a little confidance boost and Tips for this exam.

If you know of any, please let me know.

With Thanks,

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22 Sep 2020 09:25
Hi Gary,
I was at the same place as you are 4 weeks back.I was very nerveous to sit for Practioner exam, but luckily it went all well for me.Some points to refer .
1. Going through Prince 2 manual in detail is very important. Clear understanding of each of the Principles, Themes & processes should be there.
2. There are only 2 tests available to practice. I completed them twice with below results
       Test 1 : 38/46
       Test 2 : 46/46   (out of 68) ..I got much better in actual exam 
 so the point is if you have good theoretical understanding and practice those two Music Record company example it should be fine.
3. The exam will have small write up on scenario but that will be for providing environment for question. Actual questions will be kind of standalone to test the knowledge on particular topic.
That means need not to worry much about which case study will be given for  the exam
4.It took good 2 hours’ time to attempt all questions and another 20-25 minutes to revisit some of it. So it actually took entire 2:30 minutes to complete the exam,
5. It is allowed to keep Hardcopy of Prince2 Manual or a soft copy on another device. The Proctor checks that the other device is not connected to WiFi/network. I used my spare MacBook .
6. I did not find time or need to refer to Prince 2 manual. 
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22 Aug 2021 17:34 Edited on 25 Aug 2021 at 20:43
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