Can a Senior user be external?
Filip Beslic 10 Mar 2020 06:50
Hi all,
A question for passing the exam, because I already have one failed attempt. And there is this bit which is troubling me about the 'senior user'

So in the previous exam we had a scenario where company X is developing course-materials and e-learning training which will be used by other companies to improve safety procedures. So basically company x produces goods which will be used externally. And company x has a good relationship with company y, who would actually 'use' those course-material to improve their safety.

So in Prince2 the senior user is responsible for specifying the 'benefits' and thus responsible that they are realised through the use of the products. In my mind I would think that 'sales & marketing' of company x would be the seniour user, since they can define the benefits (money-wise) for company x. But they are not the 'real user' of the course-materials.. that would be company y. So now I'm wondering if company y is the correct answer? But they are external.. so I doubt that exam-wise that would the correct answer? What do you guys think?

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30 Jul 2020 13:45
Yes Exam wise that would be incorrect. as external users might have conflict of interest.
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