Can you have more than one Project Product Description?
Benjamin Sherrin 10 Jul 2018 09:50

Currently establishing a large ICT project. I have a 'Starting up a phase', however, wanting to know may you have additional Project Product Descriptions i.e. ICT Hardware, Software, etc?

Each of these, I would branch out with specific PDs? 

In short: can you have one PID/Project Brief?, which includes several PPDs?

Thanks in advance. Still new to PRINCE2. 

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17 Sep 2018 10:53
I'm going to start out and say that I'm also relatively new Prince 2 so please take the following on that basis, happy to be corrected.

My understanding of this is simply a no, the Project Product Description is an overarching understanding of the project in its entirety with the PD’s describing the individual outputs of the project.

If you feel there is a need for multiple PPD’s you might want to ask whether you’re looking at multiple individual projects and look to governing this under programme management.
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27 Nov 2018 12:59
Programme Management might be a better fit, but it can be done at Project level. With one PPD, but categorise Product Descriptions into groups. 

Also challenge the natural inclination to align against existing departmental boundaries, as this can create silos within your project.  One approach is to use Benefits Management and work backwards from the desired outcome.  E.g. for a particular benefit to be achieved, might involve the completion of products from across ICT Hardware, Software, etc. If it fits for you, you could have multi-functional products and teams aligned to outcomes instead of fitting to operational organisations.
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11 Sep 2019 13:25


It's meant to have 1 PPD for 1 project, this to ensure proper management and maintain a clear situation about the project’s reason to exist (a.k.a. the justified business case). This gives should give the opportunity to achieve greater business benefits than when you have multiple loose projects. Besides that; you want to make sure that all project goals, are and will be within the company’s objectives. This also can be achieved via program management.

It would be wise to set up a project program for ‘overall project coordination’ if you're going to create multiple PPD's and thus multiple projects.

Lot’s of things can be obtained from a proper project program so you won’t have to do double work.

Some examples:
• Management tools
• Management templates
• Resources
• Company and project policies
• …

Have a nice day,



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12 Mar 2021 14:25
I had a similar question and did further digging. I found this helpful:

Project Product descriptions you have one but

Product descriptions you have multiple, as these are the components.

I thought this worth adding for others finding this post as I did. 

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