Prince2 Foundation or Prince2 Agile Foundation
Syed Zaidi 17 Jun 2019 07:14
Hello to All Experts,

I have quick query regarding your precious suggestions in selecting the right management certification.

I am an Engineering professional with strong technical background (10+ years) and now want to broadened my career into Project management field as the company i work have strong profile in Project deliveries and several technical projects.

Few of my colleagues have recommended to go for Prince2 Foundation but at the same time i hear alot of talk and hype for Agile also.

My question is whether i should go for Prince2 Foundation or Prince2 Agile Foundation (which is hybrid of Prince2 and Agile). ?

Your valuable feedback much appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
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13 Jul 2019 06:27
Depending on any other conditions, there are good reasons to prefer PRINCE2 Agile Foundation.
The new textbook guide, they syllabus approach and the practical integration of agile ways of working into PRINCE2 delivery is very good. The trainer has more time to focus on practical workshops as there is less pressure on PRINCE2 detail (in the exams) that are not gooing to help you much in agile ways of working.
We have found we can re-introduce Product-based planning alongside User stories and requirements decomposition.
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09 Sep 2019 11:21

I have personally done PRINCE2 certification and based on my experience, its a highly rewarding and enriching course. If we consider the current scenario,the demand for PRINCE2 certified professionals is on the increase, so you can take up this certification
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10 Sep 2019 15:56

It wouldn't be a crime to do both exams. After gaining incredible knowlegde (and power) from the 2 exams; you can now properly decide in which of the two flavors you would like to enhance your skills even further in and participate for the right Practitioner exam, Agile or non-Agile.

Have a nice day,

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