Expired certificate , how to renewal ?
邓翔 16 Mar 2020 12:39
HI , 
My certificate expired , i mean how to renewal the certificate , the PMP certificate can be renewal from PMI website . 
It is high appreciate for your advice. 

Xiang Deng.
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12 May 2020 02:58
Hi Xiang,

If your certification was expired, I think you have to take the Practitioner exam again. (Foundation level is unlimited).
If your certification is valid, you may renew it through below two ways:
1, take the exam again
2, or join the membership and log the CPD annually to meet CPD requirement

You can get detail by the link https://www.axelos.com/certifications/prince2/maintaining-prince2-practitioner-certification

Also free talk by Wechat 13510233891

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28 May 2020 17:21
hi xiang,
Did your prince 2 practtitionner certificate expire? the only option for you at this point is to take the exem again.After passing succefully your exam and provided with a digital badge remember next time to suscribe to my prince 2 membership and log to the CPD annually to meet CPD requirement in order to maintain your digital badge.Repeat the same work within three years which correspond to the validity duration of your current prince 2 practitionner certificate after what you will be provide with a new certificate without going through exam process this time.

You can get more detail by follow the link https://www.axelos.com/certifications/prince2/maintaining-prince2-practitioner-certification
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17 Mar 2021 13:10
My certificate is set to expire in april 2021. I have bought an auto-renewal subscription in 2020 and nothing more.
What do i need to do to keep my Practitioneer certificate active?

thank you,
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