Top frustrations with service desk and ITSM tools
Stephen Mann 02 Jun 2016 14:36
If you were to replace your service desk or ITSM tool, what would be the main causes?
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08 Jun 2016 22:04
Replace the service / help desk to allow the IT staff to focus on supporting the company’s core competencies and directives.
The IT department should focus on improving areas of business with a direct impact on the operations.  Conversely if the staff is focused on non-core competencies, the ability to concentrate on developing and implementing core business and IT strategies suffers.

By outsourcing the Help Desk, the IT resources are available to support the company’s strategic initiatives while the third party service provider concentrates on its core objective: delivering a focused Help Desk.
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09 Jun 2016 11:17
The biggest cause would be for the ITSM tool to stop working when it exceeded a certain number of service calls and not enabling the customer visability of resolution progress. 
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28 Jun 2016 00:37
Lack or loss of any of the followings:
  1. Performance - response time of the system
  2. Usability - especially since this impacts the daily activity of the team and the time required to handle requests
  3. flexibility - possibility to tailor processes
  4. dashboard - for an instantaneous overview
  5. data collection - ability to simply collect the required metrics
  6. reports - easy and flexible reports generation with graphs
  7. trigers - easy implementation of trigger for some pre-identified events
  8. lessons learned and KDB - ability to centralize and share knowledge
  9. reliability and security - data integrity and ability to control and tailor accesses & rights
  10. cost effectiveness 
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30 Jun 2016 03:20

In addition to previous comments, I think a mindset exists that was born from the time before 'As a Service' tools. ITSM tool implementations were 'large' and complex, they took considerable amounts of time and money to procure, install, operate and maintain.

The cost of change was almost too painful to even consider, the installed ITSM tools would basically remain static because it was either too difficult or too costly to change. The emergence of SaaS tools has changed the marketplace from both a cost and flexibility perspective.
Very much like a lease on a car, at the end of the contracted lease period we will look around to see what 'new models' are in the market, we compare new with old and we consider our anticipated needs e.g. safety, use types, budget etc. We assess whether the 'cost of change' can be justified - the same approach is likely to apply to tooling and may therefore be a factor relating to a 'main cause' of replacement. 

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