My ITSM tool is not working.
Dr. Mauricio Corona 03 Jun 2016 15:58
Throughout these years, I have seen several organizations that states their ITSM tool is not giving them value and they need to change for a new one. What are the main reasons you think organizations are changing their ITSM tool?
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09 Jun 2016 21:04
Hi. Did you read this thread? https://www.axelos.com/community/forums/f15/t12/itsm-tool-replacement
It contains some good thoughts. 

But to answer your question - there can be two situations:
  • ITSM tool did not meet expections from the beginning
    • requirements for the tool were poor or non existent. 
    • customer expected that he would customize any tool to suit his processes
    • customer chose tool before asessing its fitness for existing processes
    • Having ITSM tool, customer is not willing to slightly change existing processes to suit that tool
  • ITSM tool was very helpful in the beginning
    • in the past, customer had right tool to suit his needs, but now his IT organization is more mature (including processes), and current tools does not provide required enhanced functionality. And customization would be very expensive.
Unfortunatelly, first situation is more frequent... Hope this helps.
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14 Jun 2016 07:26
I would also like to add that there is sometimes an unexpected/unanticipated cost/difficulty in changing the tools configuration once the tool is live, so much so that newer tools actively market themselves on how 'easy' (relatively speaking) it is to change/develop the tool.

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18 Aug 2018 09:01
poor value of tools
overly complex process
tool vs process mismatch
outgrowing the tool capabilities
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05 Jul 2019 09:22

can you please guide me ITSM Benefits.

Waqas Sarfaraz 

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