Benchmark for % Calls Rated
Richard Bailey 20 Jan 2020 20:52

Our service desk typically gets very high customer satisfaction ratings, above 80%, 90% overall average. However, the percent of calls rated has been typically low and this brings into question the validity of this score.
Two years ago it was 4%. Through some tool upgrades, user sensitization, and a big ratings push over 12 months ago, it has risen to 24%.
Our Service Desk Manager had an objective to raise this to 60% for 2019, but this was missed.
Is there a benchmark for what we should expect / accept the Percent of Calls Rated to be?

I know this would vary heaily by culture, but I would at least like a starting figure to work from.

- Regards,
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31 Jan 2020 20:54
Hello, just a bump on this question. Does anyone know of a benchmark for Percent of Calls Rated?

If you don't know of a benchmark, what percentage of your service desk calls get rated in your organization?
As shared above, we hit 24% in 2019.
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