What delivery format for content to support studying for exams?
Ian_Fik 09 Jun 2016 10:34
If you are taking CBT or virtual training, what format of publication would you prefer and why?
  1. Hard Copy printed publication
  2. eBook for a Kindle, iPad or other eReader
  3. Mobile App for phones and tabelts
  4. Online website version
  5. Other
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09 Jun 2016 14:03 Edited on 09 Jun 2016 at 14:04
Interesting question for discussion.  No right or wrong answers as each individual has their own unique preference of education or training that incorporates best for themselves.  I personally like the feel of a book in my hand as I read for learning.  My research is always conducted via online reading.
The U.S. Department of Education updated their meta-analysis because technology had evolved considerably since the last publishing. The report summarizes experimental comparisons of learning among pure face-to-face instructor-led training, pure Internet-based online learning, and blends of both. You can access the full report here http://www2.ed.gov/rschstat/eval/tech/evidence-based-practices/finalreport.pdf
The study concludes that, “In recent experimental and quasi-experimental studies contrasting blends of online and face-to-face instruction with conventional face-to-face classes, blended instruction has been more effective. When used by itself, online learning appears to be as effective as conventional classroom instruction, but not more so”.
I like the web based courses for a slower self-paced study.  The classroom training consolidates more education into a smaller timeframe ... thereby making it appear to be more efficient

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10 Jun 2016 10:52 Edited on 10 Jun 2016 at 10:53
Thanks for your reply, as you say it is a personal preference. There was some research in the USA, that altough there is a move to online learning for university students, there was still a preference for hard copty printed publications to support their studies.

I am the same as you and prefer a hard copy book in my hand, but at the same time I understand the benefits of eReaders like the kindle to store a large number of titles and use as a reference tool using the search faction.
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14 Jun 2016 01:18
I'd like a hard copy and access to an online website version - this gives teh best of both worlds, and helps so much (for me) with the virtual training
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14 Jun 2016 05:11
I prefer hardcopy but do like online access and ebooks when working off-site and easy reference. My only gripe is that the PRINC2 Agile PDF is no cheaper than the hardcopy version?
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14 Jun 2016 14:27
Hi Milvio,

Thanks for your feedabck. I also prefer hard copy, but the books are too heavy to carry around so online digital access is also a benefit. What do you prefer for supporting learning before and during a training course?

Do you think buying a pack of hard copy plus a digital copy for a small additional sum would be of interest to users?


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15 Jun 2016 00:51
I know you asked Milvio, but I'd like to say that I'm not sure why there would be an additional cost for a digital copy. I really like it when I buy a record and get a download, too. 
I also really like the DSDM Community approach where the books are available online for free, but you can also buy a hard copy. This seems a really good approach as it encourages use of the method by making it available to all. 
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28 Jun 2016 08:49
Some of our training delegates at ITSM Zone would prefer an eBook, but have to purchase a hard copy for open book exams (PRINCE2 Practitioner for example).  I'd like to see the option to use PDF books during exams return, so that delegates have a real choice when they buy books to support their training.
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13 Jan 2017 14:14
Over a number of years, I have found using multiple different methods compliment each other. 

For ITIL in particular this varied between foundation and Intermediate exams, in part due to studying in different ways between Foundation and Intermediate since it is mandatory having to sit a course to acheive Certification for Intermediate Level. Also due to the format of exam questions between Foundation and Intermediate being different, different studying habits had to be adopted.

This was the first time that I had used a book in Electronic format which was purchased for my kindle. I did find this harder to "get into" as I am used to using post it notes to bookmark different areas of a physical book. However the Kindle had the benefit of being more portable, particularly if you are studying for multiple courses as traditional books of this nature can be weighty.

For ease of access, what I found myself doing was typing out key points from the book into a single document for ease of reading, and doing this is something that I have now adopted as it created an easy reference and helped consolidate the points during this second pass of the material.

In addition to this for learning, using flash cards as a knowledge check for the exam since if covers the scope of ITIL processes and functions and this is very broad.

The first intermidiate course and exam which I took (Service Operation) was remote learning. Prior to attending I had purchased the ITIL Service Operation Key Elements Study guide and also watched a number of CBT Nugget videos. However upon attending the course, I had felt that this would have been sufficient to pass the exam. Although the key elements guide is a good point of reference.

I used YouTube for reference on exams for Intermediate as I had been a bit apprehensive. However with correct preperation and a professional course, enough information should be available to pass.

For the 2nd Intermediate course attended (Continual Service Improvement), I used some study materials prior to this but found the course sufficient to pass.

Moving forward I am now looking for material which I can use to put this knowledge into practice which was the reason for joing the Axelos site, as this is a very different process from simply acquiring knowledge to pass the exams, and will probably create a post referencing this over the coming weeks.
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22 Aug 2018 21:39
I think I can use eBook for Kindle
Best regards. 
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